Applicants with a Canadian Law degree please click here.

Please read the following carefully. Enquiries should be directed to :

  1. Applicant submits preliminary application. 

Applicant must submit the following: 

  • Preliminary application form; 
  • Statement of assets and liabilities;
  • High quality copies of two government issued I.D; 
  • Up to date resume; 
  • Official university transcripts (directly from institution);
  • Three reference letters from relevant professionals to support your application to the MA ALS program (directly from referee); and
  • Application fee.  

If applicant’s undergraduate degree was awarded outside of Canada they must submit a comprehensive ICES translation with their original transcripts. If the language of instruction is not English please also submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate. 

All post-secondary education you wish to include on your application must be supported by official transcripts. 

All the above must be received by the January 2nd for application to be considered.   


2. Applicant is invited to a preliminary interview. *

Applicant meets with CEO of the Society. They are provided with information about the NEP and given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. They will discuss prior achievements and their suitability to the Notary profession.  

Candidates complete mandatory reading comprehension exercise. 

Those that meet the 3.0 GPA standard set by SFU progress to the Application to the Notary Education Program. People that do not meet the GPA requirement or are ineligible for the program due to lack of relevant experience are advised appropriately, and where possible application fee is returned. 

* Due to the COVID19 pandemic the Society is unable to facilitate in person preliminary interviews. Instead, applicants will be required to attend one of our online information sessions, it is mandatory that all applicants attend one session. Details provided following submission of preliminary application. 




3. Applicant must complete Application to the Notary Education Program.  

Applicants who are eligible and wish to continue in the process will be advised that they must submit the following:  

  • Application to the Notary Education Program form; 
  • Two passport photos; 
  • Notary reference; 
  • Personality survey; and
  • Complete Backcheck financial and criminal records verification. 

4. Applicant is invited to a panel interview.  

All applicants at this stage are considered eligible for the program by the Society, having been screened at the preliminary stage. Applicant is interviewed and assessed according to their personal attributes, professional qualifications, and character as demonstrated to the panel.  

Applicants are ranked by the panel. Together the panels finalize a list of candidates to be nominated to the NEP. The panels create a waitlist. 


5. Applicant is ‘Approved in Principle.’ 

Successful applicants are notified that they have been ‘Approved in Principle’. Applications are forwarded to SFU with recommendation to the MA ALS program. Once accepted by SFU, and following payment of appropriate fees, applicants are officially students of the Notary Education Program. Those that are unsuccessful will be notified with reasons of why they were not selected.

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