Got a question regarding Authentications and your notarized documents? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

It is each customer’s responsibility to know and understand the requirements of the country and Consulate in which the documents intend to be used.  There are different requirements for different countries and sometimes different documents.  Please check with the consulate prior to going to visiting with a member of the Society of Notaries Public so that you understand the requirements.  This will greatly assist the Notary and the Society.

A Form 10 is the international Certificate of Identity used by Society Members when notarizing documents for international use. It is the client’s responsibility to ask this question of the Consulate and the Notary. There is a charge for a Form 10 and attempting to have your documents processed without a Form 10 when one is required will delay the authentication of your documents. We cannot waive the fee if this service is required.

There is no need to make an appointment. Customers who have documents that have been processed by a member of the Society of Notaries of BC can come to our office anytime during our opening hours. Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

All documents that need to be authenticated must first be processed by a member of the Society of Notaries Public. Those documents then have to be delivered to the Society Office. Certain documents may be processed at the office, but others must be sent to a Government office in Victoria. The Society will do this on your behalf, as the Ministry office will not accept any documents that do not come directly from the Society office.

We will require your name, mailing address, phone number, destination country, and payment of the fees. Please ensure that your documents are prepared by a Notary Public who is a member of the Society of Notaries Public. Please be sure that your Notary is aware of what you intend to use the document for and that the document requires authentication.

Please refer to our pricing guidelines for a full breakdown of the applicable fees.

Having your documents authenticated generally requires 2 business days to process. If the document requires authentication by the provincial government in Victoria, then the processing time is 8 to 10 business days. This is dependent on which country’s Consulate the document will go to.

The Society of Notaries Public offers a RUSH option which is available for all authentications that require government authentication. Please refer to the pricing guidelines for a cost of the rush service. RUSH service may reduce the time period for authentication by 2 to 4 business days.

Authenticated documents are sent to the address you provided by Canada Post regular mail service. Customers may provide a pre-paid courier envelope from any courier service (such as Canada Post Xpresspost, Purolator, UPS, or Fedex) which we will send to the Government with your documents and request that Ministry staff place your documents into the pre-paid envelope for a faster return.

Please proceed to take your document to the Consulate of the Country in which the documents are intended to be used for legalization. Some countries require that documents be forwarded to the Department of Global Affairs as an additional step prior to legalization. In these cases, please contact your Consulate for further details.

Yes, feel free to drop off or pick up documents on behalf of your family members/ friends/ or colleagues.

Yes, the Law Society of BC ( provides an authentication service for documents notarized by lawyers.. Please contact them for additional information. Documents notarized by a Notary Public who is a member of the Society of Notaries Public of BC must come to our office for authentication.

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