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Yes. Legal experience, particularly in a Notary practice or a law firm that provides services in the areas of Notary practice, certainly holds merit and increases the likelihood of being accepted in the Notary Education Program application but it is not a mandatory requirement.   

Excepting in extra-ordinary circumstances we only accept original transcripts received directly from the University in a sealed envelope. Transcripts that are not submitted in the correct manner will be rejected.  

You will need to provide a comprehensive report from ICES. See the ICES website for more details:

If your degree was awarded from an institution in which the primary language of instruction was not English it is compulsory that you complete an English Language test, see link for information on appropriate tests:

Yes. Although the course is a mixed delivery course, the Notary Education Program requires full-time attendance. The practical training and mentoring phases of the program require students to be in attendance between 9am –5pm.

The MAALS course is a full time Master level, academic course that involves a number of face to face sessions each lasting 2-3 weeks. Much of the program is delivered online but in a structured and scheduled manner.   

In the preliminary interview stages, you will be given a short reading comprehension task. There is no preparation required.

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