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Are you considering a career as a legal professional in BC?

Non-lawyer Notaries Public have a long and storied history of providing service directly to the public in British Columbia.  The primary education requirement to become a member of the Society of Notaries Public is the SFU Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies (MA ALS) or a law degree from a Canadian law shool. Further information regarding the SFU MA ALS application process may be found on their site. 

The application process for admissions to the Notary Education Program has changed.

Beginning September 2, 2021, persons interested in becoming a member of the Society of Notaries Public are required to make application directly to SFU for the MA ALS program.  Applications for the MA ALS will be processed directly by the admissions department at Simon Fraser University. Please see the SFU website for information about admissions requirements. For more details: Applied Legal Studies Program – School of Criminology – Simon Fraser University (

Making application for the Notary Education Program

During the final semester of the MA ALS program, SFU students wishing to pursue a career as a Notary are required to apply through the SNPBC admissions process. Information about the admissions requirements and procedures is currently being updated.  

Applicants for the Notary Education Program (NEP) will be required to have significantly completed the MA ALS program on making application and acceptance into the NEP program will require the successful completion of the MA ALS degree.

Applicants will be required to:

    1. Have completed or be enrolled in an post secondary accounting course,
    2. Complete the writing exercise requirement,
    3. Submit a credit history and criminal record check, and

Provide the following:

    1. A statement of assets and liabilities and Resume,
    2. Application statement,
    3. Three letters of reference,
    4. A Notary reference or referral,
    5. Any other documents as required by the Society.

Applications for the Notary Education Program will not be accepted until September 2023.  This change has no effect on cohorts who are already attending SFU.

The Society of Notaries Public complies with the Human Rights Act and encourages applications from all individuals interested in becoming a Notary Public in B.C.

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