Information About
Making a Complaint

Providing legal services in BC is a complex area of business and while Notaries do their best, there are time in which the expectations of a client cannot be met. As a regulator, the Society has the responsibility to inquire into matters, investigate complaints, and hold disciplinary hearings if the conduct of a member warrants such action. 

The Notaries Act limits the authority of the regulator to investigating the following:

(a) Misappropriation or wrongful conversion by the person of money or other property entrusted to or received by the person in the person’s capacity as a member of the society;
(b) Incompetence;
(c) Other professional misconduct; and
(d) A breach of a provision of this Act or a regulation or rule made under it, or of a bylaw of the society.

Please note that an error is not grounds for disciplinary action. The Society requires members to have appropriate insurance for Errors and Omissions to protect members of the public from loss from errors.

Most concerns can be addressed by speaking to your Notary. It is important to understand that legal services require time and expertise and that charges for legal services are generally based on time, complexity, and risk. Misunderstandings may arise because of the complexity of a matter, the timeline for completion, difficulties with a legal services provider representing another party, unrealistic expectations, or a lack of communication. What may be thought of as a simple transaction can become complex and time consuming and require additional unforeseen charges.

Often misunderstandings can be resolved by discussing your concerns with your Notary. If after speaking with the Notary and listening to their explanation you are not satisfied, please complete the complaint form.

If you have a concern about a Notary, please click here to submit a complaint. Anonymous complaints are generally not accepted but may be investigated. Please be advised that the Society cannot order a member to refund money, return money, or make a payment for loss. The Society is limited to issuing a reprimand, suspending a member, fining a member not more than $5,000, and/or terminating a member.

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