Notaries are members of an ancient and honourable profession, the origins of which can be traced back to the early history of civilised mankind. Notaries have served the people of British Columbia since the pioneer days of the 19th century, and they have always been part of the social fabric of our communities.

Notaries have existed and continue to exist in order to fill a public need for specialised legal services. In order to maintain the profession’s present standing and to evolve and progress in a changing society, Notaries work hard to ensure the trust and respect of the Public. This requires that Notaries maintain a reputation for integrity and for high standards of skill and care in the work that they perform. To this end, Notaries throughout the world have over the years developed and imposed upon themselves certain basic standards of practice. These standards emphasize integrity and honesty.

As a professional, Notaries in B.C. occupy a position which is unique in Canada. Notaries in B.C. are members of a self-governing society, the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia, which is entrusted with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining standards of professional competence and for disciplining members of the Society who have failed to meet those standards.

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