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BC Notaries Association

The BC Notary Association is the advocacy organization for Notaries in BC. The Association provides continuing education and conferences for members.

Notary Foundation

The Notary Foundation receives and distributes funds earned each year in accordance with its legislated mandate and the goals and objectives set by the Board of Governors. Most of the money is paid to the Legal Services Society, specifically to provide legal aid in the province. In addition, the Notary Foundation makes funds available to The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia to assist them in the education of members, applicants for membership, and the general public. In addition to grants, the Notary Foundation funds numerous scholarships and bursaries each year for individuals attending university and colleges who are taking certain law-related courses. To find out more, go to


The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) carries out scholarly research, writing and analysis for law reform, collaborating with government and other entities, and providing materials and support for outreach and public information. For more information, please go to

Law Society of BC
If you’re looking for a lawyer, please contact the Law Society of British Columbia at 604.669.2533

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