Notary Education

Completion of the Notary Education Program takes roughly 2 years and students are advised to expect to spend $25,000. 

Please be aware that while it is possible for some classes to be delivered online in-person attendance is required for some aspects of the NEP. Applicants living outside of the Lower Mainland must be prepared to travel and secure their own accommodation for in-person training sessions, which will be held in Vancouver or Surrey.   

1. Master of the Arts in Applied Legal Studies  

Begins each September – following December (18 months). Delivered and administered independently by SFU. Please click here for more information regarding the MA ALS program.


2. British Columbia Notary Practical Training Course 

Delivered and administered by the Society. Runs concurrently with MA ALS.  


3. Mentoring Requirement 

Mandatory mentoring with an approved BC Notary.


4. Statutory Admission Examinations 

Qualification for Membership to The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia relies upon successful completion of the Notary Education Program, which includes: 

  • SFU’s Master of the Arts in Applied Legal Studies; 
  • The BC Notary Practical Training Course;  
  • 105 hours of mentoring with an approved BC Notary Public; and
  • Statutory examinations 
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