Choosing a Notary

Choosing a legal professional can seem like a daunting task and choosing the right professional can make all the difference to the experience. In BC, Notaries Public provide a range of non-contentious services. We refer to these as “happy law”. Notaries do not represent clients in court nor do they participate in adversarial process. During your first visit with a Notary, they will collect sufficient information so that they will be able to best advise you as to whether you may need a lawyer.

When looking for a legal professional, regardless of whether that is a Notary or a lawyer, look for someone who listens to you; understands what you hope to achieve; explains the service and the fees in plain language; and is someone you trust.

Notaries often develop life long relationships with clients and become trusted advisors. Whether you are buying your first house, writing your first Will, or needing documents notarized for use in another country, the professional advice from your legal advisor can make real difference to you as a client. Please see the “services a Notary can provide” page for a full list of services.

Note that not all members may provide all services. Talk to your Notary about your needs so that they can best advise you.

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