Notice of Application for Enrolment Attached at the link below is the list of persons intending to apply to membership in the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia.  This notice is published in compliance with Section 5 of the Notaries Act. Approval in Principle 2023  

Apostille Convention and Authentications in BC

The BC Government will be assuming the function of authenticating documents for international use. Beginning April 1, 2022, The Society of Notaries Public of BC will no longer authenticate documents intended for international purposes. Please refer to your Notary Public for next steps in the process.

Notice – Approval in Principle 2022

Pursuant to s.5 of the Notaries Act, the applicants in the attachment below are entitled to apply for a Court Order to enable them to attempt the Commissioning Examinations scheduled to be held in March of 2022 in Vancouver, British Columbia. [Notice – Approval in Principle 2022]

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